A Special Place...

We all have something unique to contribute to this world and when we are young, many of us seem to know exactly what that is. However, one of life’s greatest cruelties is its ability to creep up and bury that inner voice under the relentless demands of everyday existence.

I believe that no one ever truly loses that inner voice. In fact, many of us have found individual ways to access it in order to escape the banality of everyday living. Some find it through yoga, music, exotic travel or even just a great bottle of wine. However one chooses to reach that special place, the key is to be able to access it easily and frequently.

Personally I found the route back to my inner self through all of the above but most powerfully through great art, great film and great music. Each of these art forms has the ability to cut through whatever I may be feeling at the time and take me somewhere higher, into a realm where possibility, hope and even my greatest dreams thankfully still reside. And so we created element 6 arts, a special place where such art forms could comfortably exist, always accessible, always inspirational.

In the periodic table element 6 is carbon, the most abundantly-occurring element in all of nature. For us the name rings true as the underlying power of the artists we select lies in their ability to reconnect us to one of the most important aspects of nature, our own.

We hope you come to love these works as much as we do.

Sanjay lives with his wife Alexandra and their baby Sophia in Tribeca, New York.