Foreign Cinema

What ever happened to romance? The desire for more can often be at the expense of some of life’s greatest gifts. For Robin Rice, romance is alive and well and her work serves as a constant reminder that its heart still beats within us all.

Robin's approach is to document the world around her cinematically. Whether capturing the innate beauty of South American landscapes or the reflective moments of unknowing subjects, her photography is always candid and evocative of classic and foreign film. As a photographer, Robin has an earthy and bohemian way of portraying people and situations that is reflective of the way she lives her own life.

Whilst Robin has enjoyed tremendous success as a photographer, she is also a prized gallerist, valued for her curatorial eye. With her combination of spontaneity and artistic vision, Robin creates a vibrant stylistic that is truly unique. We are privileged to bring you some of her own personal favorites from her vast private collection.

Robin resides in the West Village and Bridgehampton, New York.

(Private Commissions Welcome)