The Art Filmmaker

It wasn't until Nitin Madan learnt of a scientific study that established that people suffering from boredom were right up there with smokers and poor eaters as the most likely to kick the bucket before their time, that he realized that he needed to take his artistic passions to the next level. He found that he had been taking reality more seriously than was necessary and once out of its binds found that his life had much to make him curious.

It was this disengagement from reality that also allowed Nitin to believe that he had something more going on for him than just being a Palindrome*. Having a name that could be spelt the same way backwards and forwards, had always been a successful party trick. So it wasn't much of a surprise that he began to identify himself with the word, telling people that he was a palindrome when asked what he did, leading many to believe that he was a species of Alaskan bird.

A filmmaker and screenwriter by training from that esteemed bastion of pricey education, Columbia University, and an actor by habit, Nitin decided to expand his horizons by painting, occasionally using a canvas, but mostly on household utensils to increase their value but consequently rendering them useless and thus worthless. But Nitin's non-reality based belief system allowed him to ascribe value to things that the world may not have seen as worthy. Thus he became one of New York's foremost collectors of art, by value.

But it is as an actor, writer and filmmaker that the world acknowledges him. His acting on the stage and in film has inspired lesser indifference than his painting. He has written on such diverse subjects as Film, Wine, Cigars, Dance, as well as Children's Stories. He is currently writing his autobiography titled, “Genetic Garbage”, much to the dismay of his kindly gene donors. As a Producer and Director, he has found his calling in both documentary and fiction. He has chronicled artists, including Element 6 luminary Russell Connor, India's greatest painter the late MF Husain, and the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. His foray into narrative features as Producer garnered him acclaim for the live action/ animation pic, “Colin Hearts Kay”. He is currently working on scripts to be produced in Mumbai as well as New York.

When asked what drove him to be an artist(e) besides the fear of death by boredom, he said he didn't know, and that that was ok, quoting Russell Connor from his film, “artists are people who are driven to do things without recognizing why" then himself adds, “plus people forgive your bourbon induced tirades, cause you're an artist and a palindrome*.”

*palindrome, for those that still dont get it is a word that is spelt the same way, backwards and forwards. For example, N-I-T-I-N!