The Healing Arts

Juhi Singh has devoted most of her adult life to the pursuit of natural solutions for bodily ailments. Once the sufferer of a chronic condition herself, Juhi Singh took her health into her own hands when it became clear that conventional medicine could go no further. Curing herself by natural means, Juhi focused all of her attention on learning more about Alternative Medicine, so that one day she could help others. Training in disciplines such as Yoga, Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, Juhi is now emerging as powerful contributor to the world of holistic living.

element 6 arts had the pleasure of encountering Juhi sometime ago in one of her classes where she taught a unique form of therapeutic Yoga. By marrying together the key principles of Yoga with those of Acupuncture, Juhi devised a series of Yoga positions which helped bring about almost instantaneous healing for a variety of different conditions.

It was during this successful series of classes that several students commented that the instruction she provided during the 'shivasana' or 'rest period' at the end literally sent them into a deep sleep. The penny dropped. Why not try and capture this in a soothing audio format so that it could be made available to a larger number of people who struggle with sleep. And hence the album "until tomorrow" came into being.

Juhi has been featured on CNN, ABC and in numerous national publications. As one of the foremost thought-leaders in the field of acupuncture in the United States, she devises customized regimens for a clientele of professional athletes, actors, musicians and Fortune 500 corporations.

Juhi was mentored by the esteemed Asha Wollman, A Pioneer in contemporary alternative medicine. Her academic training includes a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. from the Pacific College of Medicine. Juhi Singh practises and teaches holistic medicine in New York City.