“My sculptures depict situations or emotions which are universal, timeless. I believe in many ways, we are witnessing in our day-to-day existence the undermining of instinctive powerful emotions and feelings. These are somehow forgotten about, submerged within the paraphernalia of everyday living.”

-Juginder Lamba, Sculptor.

“There is a romance and sensuality with these forms which emphasize how human beings feel as well as how they look. This work goes beyond the surface of things and touches on the inner reality of them...”

Raymond Blanc, Chef, Television Presenter & Owner of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons where much of Juginder’s work is on permanent display.

"We had the pleasure of meeting Juginder whilst looking for art for our new home. We were attracted by the beautiful simplicity and earthy nature of his sculptures. Their sensual curves and movement give them a wonderful tactile and positive energy that makes them easy to live and engage with."

-Marie Carli & Patrick McKenna - CEO of Ingenius Media, Producer of films such as Avatar, The Life of Pii, The X-men.

“Lamba’s works allow us to see familiar things more intensely and to reflect upon our experience of life through a clear and powerful visual language...“

- Brendan Flynn, Curator of Fine Art, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.

“To experience this work is to experience a powerful presence in an otherwise inanimate object, evoking the response of deep-lying elements in one’s self and concerns in one’s life: both feeling ‘very much at home’, and uneasy because of the jarring shock to one’s sense of reality...”

- Godfrey Featherstone, writer and art critic.

“Forms are stripped down to their essentials and focus on an inner reality. Lamba’s sculptures can be seen as instruments of meditation and contemplation; mirrors capable of reflecting our potential rather than our actual selves...”

- Dr Jacques Rangasamy, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for the Visual Arts Course, University of Salford.