Brazilian Butterfly

The name Alina traces its origins to Ancient Greece where it literally means ‘light’ or ‘ray of the sun.’ Those bestowed with such a beautiful name were often said to possess a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters. This could not be a more appropriate description of our very own Alina…

A native of Rio, Alina recalls being constantly inspired by diverse world cultures as a child. Raised by an international family that spoke three languages at home, Alina subsequently moved to New York City as a teenager. As part of her academic life, she spent a year in Paris studying at the Sorbonne University and attending courses in international business at the American University of Paris. An international outlook was of course cemented forever.

Upon her return to New York, Alina embarked upon a career with the global media giant WPP where she spent ten years mastering the media, marketing & communications world. During this tenure she gained a deep understanding of the luxury market managing high profile accounts such as De Beers, the Intercontinental Hotel Group and American Express. In 2010, she diversified her skills by joining Creative Artists Agency (CAA); one of the world's leading talent agencies. She worked between New York and Los Angeles, and gained valuable insight into the art of leveraging popular culture to enhance brand equity.

With the Brazilian economy on the rise in 2011, she shifted her gaze back towards the Latin American landscape and her roots. She was ready to come home.

Alina blames her adventurous free spirit for giving her the strength to leave the traditional corporate world and seek a new life that would allow her to make the most of all of her skills. She realized that she could leverage her experience to help ‘talent’ and brands maximize their potential in new and unexplored areas. One of her greatest gifts is her passion and sensibility at recognizing the unique glow that resides within a person, a brand or a work of art and then reposition it in the spotlight in a sophisticated and appropriate way. The combination of her charisma, positive nature and inspiring personality makes it come as no surprise that artists, brands and corporations all love working with Alina.

Alina currently resides in Sao Paolo, Brazil and in her spare time finds herself traveling to explore new destinations, meet new people and bring new cultural experiences into her life. She craves nature, the ocean, and the outdoor life where she gets recharged from her life in the city.