A Universal Man

I have dreamt of being the universal man ever since I was able to discern what that really meant. Needless to say, I am no Leonardo, but its good to have dreams and aspirations.

Art brings me as close to universality as I can get. There is a certain catholicism surrounding a great painting or sculpture, or a sublime piece of music. These are evocative, discerning of virtue, pleasing and satisfying. They slake the senses. Art is a leveler. Think Lord Snowdon or a selfie. Both have the compelling power to give over a piece of the subject. To view each in its own sphere is to behold Art. At least, I think so.

I remember seeing a Damien Hirst piece at Lever House in Manhattan and thinking to myself, wow! I not going to forget that any time soon. And this is where I saw it. Lever House. Anish Kapoor, Magritte, Warhol. Who put those pieces there? I want to do that. I want to create patronage, in a way that sweeps away mendacity.

I have spent the last 30 odd years associating with architects and designers. I spent 10 of those years with the firm of Peter Marino, a rather storied architect on many levels. Watching exquisite pieces flit in and out of that office was truly an eye opener. Struth large format photography, Yves Klein coffee tables, Warhol originals, LaLanne, Basquiat, Francesco Clemente are only to name a few.

Bitten (or is it smitten?) thus, small wonder I would revel in a chance to place “The Right Piece” in “ The Right Place”.