The pace and pressure of modern life has been quietly eroding the quality of our lives. Something important is being lost and we are often unaware of it.

Element 6 Arts evolved out of a need to press the "pause button" on life and reconnect with some of the higher aspects of our existence. Art can play a unique role in this process by communicating in powerful ways that words alone often cannot.

And so we created a sanctuary for a select group of artists who we believe have the power to lift us from the routine of daily living. Our growing stable of artists includes Sculptors, Painters, Photographers and Musicians who have bravely chosen to live an authentic life. They help show us the way...

If you are looking for art for your home, organization or simply just looking, stay awhile and enjoy the experience.

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The essence of all beautiful art,

all great art, is gratitude - Friedrich Nietzsche


  • Russell Connor

    Russell Connor is a genial humorist who takes off on the subjects of old and new masters while loving their artistry-and emulating it. Savor both the wit and the painting.

    - Irving Sandler, American Art Critic, Art Historian and Educator.

  • Juginder Lamba

    There is a romance and sensuality with these forms which emphasize how human beings feel as well as how they look. This work goes beyond the surface of things and touches on the inner reality of them...

    – Raymond Blanc, Chef, Television Presenter & Owner of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

  • Robin Rice

    For those of us reluctant to let go of summer, the 116 photographs on the theme filling the walls of this small gallery may prove solace.

    – The New Yorker September 2013 on the Robin Rice Gallery

  • Russell Connor

    Russell Connor first brought dignity to Art on TV, then to TV as Art, and now to Art about Art.

    - Nam Jun Paik, Korean American Artist and considered to be the founder of Video Art

  • Juginder Lamba

    We had the pleasure of meeting Juginder whilst looking for art for our new home. We were attracted by the beautiful simplicity and earthy nature of his sculptures. Their sensual curves and movement give them a wonderful tactile and positive energy that makes them easy to live and engage with.

    - Marie Carli & Patrick McKenna - CEO of Ingenius Media, Producer of films such as Avatar, The Life of Pii, The X-men

  • Robin Rice

    Photography insiders know legendary gallery owner Robin Rice, whose unpretentious West Village store front has launched a few major careers

    - Hamptons Magazine

  • Juginder Lamba

    Lamba’s works allow us to see familiar things more intensely and to reflect upon our experience of life through a clear and powerful visual language...

    - Brendan Flynn, Curator of Fine Art, Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

  • Robin Rice

    Ms Rice's works are much more thought out before she shoots the picture. "I'm not ambivalent when i shoot. i know what i want." And she doesn't resort to cropping after the fact; those decisions are made before and while the picture is taken.

    - Jennifer Landes, The East Hampton Star

  • Russell Connor

    Russell Connor's approach to art history is that of a magician on canvas. Instead of rabbits out of a hat, he gives us masterpieces out of synch, sleight of art instead of sleight of hand. Wry, witty, thoughtful, and disarming.

    - Jules Feiffer, Pulitzer Prize-winning American Cartoonist

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